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Sticking 1000 Microneedling into your face?


Are you familiar with microneedling? When you first learn it’s a beauty treatment that entails sticking 1000 tiny needles into your face you may think, “What?! ”But when you discover its beautiful effects—and that it’s a painless office procedure that will erase tiny lines, leaving your complexion glowing and youthful—you probably have to know more. That where FINETUNE MedSpa stands ready to share our expertise.  

Micro-needling is a kind of informal term: officially, the treatment is called collagen induction therapy. And as that name implies, the goal is to encourage the natural production of collagen to improve your skins appearance. Micro-needling actually works by creating a controlled injury to the skin’s surface: it makes microscopic breaks in facial blood vessels. Sounds confusing? Actually, those tiny needles don’t cause bleeding, but they do encourage your skin’s natural defense mechanisms to gear up—and that creates all kinds of good outcomes. Platelets in the blood release growth factors. Extra collagen is produced to plump up skin as a way protective, healing measure. There’s also a boost in elastin, a protein that generates new cells and helps keep skin supple.

And micro-needling offers another big plus: Those tiny channels make your skin’s surface more absorbent. That means topical gels and creams are able to penetrate to a deeper level layer. So you are literally “drinking in” all those anti-aging and moisturizing benefits as effectively as possible, leaving you with a noticeably more beautiful complexion.

What happens during a micro-needling session? First, your FINETUNE MedSpa practitioner applies a special a numbing cream to your face. Then, she uses a precise tool—an instrument with a set of very fine needles, constructed just for this micro-needling purpose—and gently moves it over your face and (possibly) your neck. In response, the needles stimulate that skin-protective response, so your complexion plumps up with new collagen. Fine lines and scars will be minimized, as skin takes on a healthy new glow.

For the best effect, it’s recommended that the micro-needling procedure be repeated every 4-6 weeks. That gives skin a chance to completely heal and regenerate between sessions. Want to know more? Get in touch with us at FINETUNE MedSpa—and get ready for your closeup!


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