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A Shot of Vitamins — Instantly!


We all grew up hearing Moms tell us to “Take your vitamins”— and once we reached adulthood, we realized the wisdom of that good advice. Nutrients not only contribute to a healthy body, but they can also be an indispensable beauty tool—leaving you brimming with vibrancy and energy, shiny hair and glowing skin. Now, FINETUNE MedSpa takes vitamin therapy to an even more advanced level—with IV Vitamin Drips.

As you probably know, IV is shorthand for intravenous, a term that refers to the process of liquid entering the body directly through a vein. An IV may be used for many reasons, but its chief advantage is that it sends nutrients directly into the bloodstream, instead of through its customary route through the digestive tract.

So why take your vitamins through an IV?

For starters, a vitamin drip gives the body all those nutrients instantly and delivers them right down to the cellular level. That’s one reason IVs are used by hospitals to administer medication, hydrating fluids and other vital liquids. Second, with an IV, nutrients are absorbed nearly 100%, compared to 30 to 80% for oral supplements. Now, that’s one great shot in the arm!

 At FINETUNE MedSpa, you can find an assortment of IV vitamin drips, each specially formulated to address a specific health or wellness need.  If your goal is to lose weight, if you want to feel more energetic, if you’s like want to look younger, even if you seek to boost your athletic skills…there’s a vitamin drip for that!

At FINETUNE MedSpa, you can start with a one-on-one consultation, a way to determine which IV Vitamin Drips are best for you. Our expert staff stands ready to put the vigor of vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients to work for you—one shot at a time


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