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Love the chin you’re in thanks to Kybella!

kybella by FINETUNE Medspa in Frisco, TX

You may think that no matter how hard you try, there’s no banishing a double chin. But think again! With Kybella, you may be able to get that chiseled profile you always wanted. This FDA-  approved treatment has been a real game changer, bringing a sleeker chin line to many satisfied clients. And FINETUNE MedSpa can make it a reality for you!

In the past, if you wanted to get rid of a double chin, liposuction was your only option. And while it was effective, lipo involves surgery, downtime, plus the need to wear an unwieldy compression device while you heal. But Kybella works altogether differently. It’s a simple injection that dissolves fat. You can actually do it on your lunch hour—it’s that quick and easy.  

What is Kybella?

To look at the science: Kybella is literally a kind of acid that targets sell membranes and works to “melt” them. Then those “melted” cells are flushed out of the body naturally when you urinate. Simple, right?

With each Kybella procedure, you get approximately 50 small injections to the chin area, a process that usually takes less than an hour. Many clients opt for about six treatments, at least a month apart, to get the look they want. But each Kybella procedure offers some cosmetic improvement, so the effect is gradual. With each passing month, your chinline looks better and better.

Like any shot, Kybella might cause mild redness. Some clients notice temporary numbness and/or hardness at the injection site. A slight swelling is also possible, but generally gone within a few days. For that reason, some clients choose to have the Kybella treatments when they can anticipate some planned downtime, such as over a weekend.

You may be wondering: Since Kybella dissolves fat, can it do its magic on love handles, buttocks, thighs, or that unsighly bra roll? Great idea, but so far the FDA has only given the OK for the chin area. So is Kybella right for you? Contact FINETUNE Medspa to set up a consultation with one of our professionals to see what your options are. Then get ready to see a more beautiful you.


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